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The Maison du Bel-Âge non-profit was created through the initiative of the Knights of Columbus Council 2800 in Dolbeau, whose primary goal is to “help the elderly” in the area.

“People feel at home here, because they are at home. All residents are the parents of at least one family from our community and the surrounding area; the senior’s home is a direct link with the strength of our environment”
– Gisèle Larouche, general manager

Location Dolbeau-Mistassini, 14,400 inhabitants
Founded 1981
Number of units 23 apartments, 30 rooms
Clientele Independent and semi-autonomous seniors (non-profit organization); people in need of care (intensive home support)
Employees 30+
Financial partners SCHL
Federation FROH

The Maison du Bel-Âge includes two branches: the non-profit and the intensive home support section.

portraits_belage5_rondesThe non-profit accepts autonomous or semi-autonomous seniors and has set up mechanisms to help people maintain their independence for as long as possible. The room and board depends on the type of unit and the status of the tenant, varying from $933 to $1,913. Various services are included in the lease, such as three meals a day, 24-hours surveillance 7 days a week, and a medication dispensing service, among others. A nurse is on site Monday to Friday. Other individualized services are provided and added to the cost of rent. For example, help with bathing or getting put to bed at night, housekeeping, etc …

The intensive home support branch is operated in collaboration with the CIUSSS Dolbeau-Mistassini in a private-public partnership since 2006.

portraits_belage3_rondesWithin this branch, the Maison du Bel-Âge offers housing services, meals and basic care (orderlies) while the CIUSSS offers professional services (nursing, physical rehabilitation therapist and ergotherapist, etc).

The intensive home care option allows seniors with loss of physical autonomy (profile iso-SMAF-9) to live in an environment adapted to their condition. The project is unique insofar as it overcomes the lack of resources for seniors who have health problems and often little support. The agreement with the CIUSSS allows for on-site care services, which eliminates the need for hospitalization in many cases or delays the need to enter a CHSLD.

La Maison du Bel-Âge is a vibrant living environment where many activities are offered

The nurse and orderlies plan activities related to welcoming, entertainment and socializing and they coordinate a team of volunteers who organizes activities such as bingo, bowling, etc. There is also excellent collaboration with volunteers of the Hospital Auxiliary, who give their time and provide financial assistance for the purchase of accessories for the well-being of residents, such as the buying of activity tables.

portraits_belage4_rondesThe “Living Environment” committee

This committee is composed of residents, family members, volunteers from management and three members of the board. It informs residents, assists them in their activities and helps improve the quality of life in the residence. This committee is consulted regularly. Furthermore, a Code of Ethics clarifies the rules of conduct for all residents and workers at the Maison du Bel-Âge.

All activities are offered to all residents.

portraits_belage2_rondesTo facilitate this, the space allocation and arrangement of furniture in the dining room and in the activities room is designed to easily
accommodate the disabled or those in a wheelchair

The Bel-Âge Foundation is composed of an independent board of directors who manage the funds collected and the interest, which goes to the Maison du Bel-Âge. The Foundation thus supports various activities such as Christmas dinner or specific needs, such as buying automatic door openers. It also offers residents free taxi transportation to the downtown mall twice a week.

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